Brave Choices and Red Lipstick

Three years ago (at the ripe old age of 37), I had a mild freak out about turning 40. All sarcasm aside, the mild “mid-life crisis” moment in my own brain triggered some really brave and fantastic decision making on my part. I realized I wasn’t doing a great job at being an active participant … More Brave Choices and Red Lipstick

Letters from a Grocery Store Clerk: What I wish People Knew

This is my second “Letter from a Grocery Store Clerk.” When I started this blog the summer of 2018 I did NOT think I was going to write about a global pandemic. Heck, when I wrote the first post in March I didn’t think I’d want to write 3 posts about Covid-19. (If you’d like … More Letters from a Grocery Store Clerk: What I wish People Knew

When Winter is Long

Winter in Minnesota is long…roughly 6 months long. Now that I’m experiencing my second winter, I’ve learned my relationship/attitude changes depending on which month it is. November and December…..I love winter. I appreciate the snow and the cold leading up to Christmas. Honestly, it is magical to have snow at Christmas time, even for this … More When Winter is Long

Finding Rest in Maui

I’m not a Type A personality that moves at a fast pace, I’m not a procrastinator who leaves everything to the last minute and then rushes to get things done. I’m a plodder…. a steady eddy, easy going kind of person.  My third grade teacher called me the tortoise that beat the hare, and that … More Finding Rest in Maui