Airports, Anxiety & Construction

It’s been 6 weeks since I went radio silent on my blog. I didn’t do that purposely, but here I am none the less. February ended with a bang, 39.5” of snow (the 4th snowiest month in Minnesota State history), only to be followed by a snow storm in the first week of March. Let’s … More Airports, Anxiety & Construction

The Last Chapter

Yesterday, I stopped by my apartment to leave a check for the stager. (Did I tell you I’m moving?) As I walked through my empty apartment looking for stray items left behind, I began to grieve a little. The full impact of my decision to move became suddenly real. My apartment was empty, the walls and … More The Last Chapter

The Journey Begins

Hi Everyone & thanks for joining me on this adventure! Welcome to Adventures With A Pitbull. This is my personal blog documenting my newest and most epic adventure…moving  to Minneapolis 2 months before winter. YIKES! The road in front of me is full of unknowns, and most likely many funny stories. I’m taking with me the … More The Journey Begins