Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

When I decided to take a sabbatical from work after moving to Minnesota, I sat down and journaled about the things I wanted to experience during my time off. One of the things I decided on was to travel. My plans took on many iterations: a 3 month road trip with my dog, a bunch … More Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

Friday Favorites – Minneapolis Edition

Welcome to this month’s Friday Favorites post – Minneapolis Edition. I’ve officially been in Minnesota for 2 months, and Minneapolis for 1 month. In that time I’ve done a solid amount of exploring. My adventuring self has already found multiple coffee shops, restaurants, walking paths. I decided to share which places made it to my … More Friday Favorites – Minneapolis Edition

Friday Favorites

In Todays post I’m going to do something a little different. I was inspired to write this  post by an incredible Facebook group I’m a apart of that’s specifically for women Pitbull owners. It’s a place where people can ask each other for advice, share pictures of their cute dog babies, and seek encouragement about … More Friday Favorites