Letters from a Grocery Store Clerk…Buy the Ice Cream

As of yesterday at Midnight, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz placed our state on Shelter in Place & Lockdown. Covid-19 has officially taken over the world and people are more than panicked. I am lucky that I still have 1 out of my 2 jobs that allows me to work full time. Working at Whole Foods the past month has been an interesting sociological study, as well as a personal practice in patience. (If you want to read my first post, follow this Link.)  I’ve seen/observed/experienced the gambit of behaviors from rude and aggressive to gratefulness for me coming to work. It’s been a whirlwind. Even more interesting has been seeing what fill their carts with each week. First it was the toilet paper, canned goods, frozen fruit/veggies. Then it was the meat, seafood, and produce. The past week…..chips, ice cream, chocolate, flowers, bath bombs, and essential oils. All the small things that bring some comfort. I had multiple women say things like “I know I shouldn’t be buying this, but i just felt like some ice cream.” Here’s what I said to each of them…. “Buy the ice cream.” Right now, the world is stressed to the max. So if some mint chocolate chip ice cream is going to help you out a bit, then buy the ice cream. Or the chips. Or the bath bombs. Or the flowers. Treat yourself. Practice self care. It’s the little things that make us feel better that will go along way in helping us manage our stress and anxiety during thisSelfie pandemic. And that is just as important as protecting our physical health. For me, I’ve been putting on my favorite Red Lipstick  from Beauty Counter. Adding my sparkly Anthropologie headband, a pair of earrings and a polka dot shirt and I feel a little bit better. Granted, I’m not wearing any other make up, but somehow the lipstick, mixed with the polka dots, sparkles and my favorite Jo Malone Cologne and I feel like a million bucks. So, buy the ice cream. Practice self care. And find moments of levity during the heavy times.

2 thoughts on “Letters from a Grocery Store Clerk…Buy the Ice Cream

  1. Love that positive attitude, exactly what everyone should be doing. The sad part is to see that people are going to the store every day to get the toilet paper, cleaners, paper towels,. In California your lucky to find any of it. The good lord will handle those who hoard. I see so many elderly getting up early to get to the stores and some don’t get there early enough. I wish the stores would limit the count you can take like Costco has. It is making sure that you are able to get what you need. Have a good day and stay safe.


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