Dear Pittie Princes,

Dear Pittie Princess,

Adoption Day - 2.17.17
Adoption Day 2.17.17

  I adopted you 3 years ago today. You were anxious and shut down, I was anxious and grieving. You had been left in the country, ripped away from your puppies. I was battling severe anxiety & panic attacks. In the middle of that mental haze, I decided I needed a dog. And then I found you. On February 17, 2017, God & my Gramp in Heaven brought me to you. To a condo 1/2 mile from mine in California where you were being fostered by the nicest lady. You were pint sized and strong, and so am I. You were cute, snuggly and more than willing to give me lots of love. I had an open heart and a quiet place for you to call home. We nursed each other through anxiety, stubbornness, small victories, big victories and cross country moves. You helped me make new friends and I helped you not be so scaredsnuggle time of the world around you. Together we have made an incredible team. Now you sleep on pillows and under blankets. You hog the bed and snuggle right into my side, and my heart is 20 times fuller. Because now I have a pint sized co-pilot named Serena Joy Klippenes. You, my little fur baby, have restored my heart and I am forever grateful.


Your human Mama

P.S. If you’d like to read the Serena’s full adoption story, click Here.

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