Merry Christmas 🎄 Everyone!

This will be my first Christmas away from my immediate family. And to be honest, I hadn’t experienced any home sickness until last night. When I FaceTimed my parents and saw the Christmas decorations up in their house, my mom prepping the soups for Christmas Eve, and seeing their dog Nikko trying to find scraps left laying around, my heart twisted. I will miss my moms cooking. I’ll also miss my Dads prayers before dinner on Christmas Eve. And I’ll miss my nieces and nephews opening presents on Christmas Day. Part of taking off on a new adventure is walking through any and all emotions that hit you along the way. The emotion for me was missing the comfort of my parents home and family traditions. The best and most healthy way I know how to deal with my emotions are to write, and take my dog for a walk. So, I put my big girl panties on and took Serena for a walk in 26 degree weather. Now I’m writing.

 As I’m writing, the snow is falling, my Christmas 🎄 tree lights are on and my dog is chewing on an angler the neighbor gave her. I get a moment of quiet to reflect on all the positive change that’s happened since July.  What I remember, is that God has been exponentially good to me. He helped me be courageous enough to pack up my life, sell my condo in California, and move to Minnesota. In every step along this adventure with my Pitbull Serena, God has provided exactly what I needed. So I figure that even when I feel homesick, he will provide exactly what I need right now. So far, those provisions come in the form of some amazing Klippenes cousins, aunts & uncles, and a Grandmother who is the toughest & most amazing woman I know.

 So to my California family, my heart is with you even though I’m not physically there.

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And to my Minnesota family …… let the festivities begin!

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One thought on “Merry Christmas 🎄 Everyone!

  1. That poor fisherman….I tried to tell you pit bulls can be dangerous and now Serena is chewing on that poor guy (don’t you just love autocorrect!!). Love you my friend and wish you only the best this Christmas season and beyond!!! Give Serena a hug for us!!!


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