I Am Capable & I Am Home

 When I chose move to Minnesota, I openly admitted to people it sounded crazy. I’ve been to Minnesota many times to visit family, but I’ve never lived here. And I recognized early on that “visiting in winter,” is VERY different than living here during Winter.  Which, coincidentally, can last until May. 😳 Today is November 12th and it’s snowed 3x already. I had my first experience shoveling snow, driving on ice, walking out in sunny & 20 degree weather with no coat, and walking my dog in the snow. Being from California, I’m realizing quickly that I have a steep learning curve for learning to live in a 4 season state. Being a person who also struggles with deep rooted anxiety, panic attacks, & perfectionism, I’m learning that it’s ok to stumble up that steep learning curve. I am saying to myself “It’s ok not to know things.” “It’s ok to look stupid and do things the wrong way.” The gift in “not knowing how to do things,” is that I’m learning how to be flexible and grace filled towards myself. I’m learning how to believe in my own abilities and strength. I’m teaching myself to Maya Angeloube patient with myself. And I’m reminding myself that I am more capable than I give myself credit for. The biggest blessing, is that I feel more at home here in Minnesota than I ever did in California. The difference is shocking to me. I feel more at peace and more normal here than I ever did in California. Men & women look me in the eye instead of judging me based on my body size. People joke here the same way I joke. And 2 of my neighbors have already helped me with home chores that I had no idea how to complete. People help because they want to, and because they are genuine people. There is no pretense, no request for payment, just good old fashioned “helping thy neighbor.” These experiences are soul refreshing. My heart feels at home here. And for that I am extremely grateful.

Sending Love and Hugs in this Season of Gratitude!

Becca & Serena Klippenes

2 thoughts on “I Am Capable & I Am Home

  1. Becca- love reading your blog. I’m very happy and thankful for you in your move. Lots of courage in that precious heart of yours. Love you!


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