Friday Favorites

In Todays post I’m going to do something a little different. I was inspired to write this  post by an incredible Facebook group I’m a apart of that’s specifically for women Pitbull owners. It’s a place where people can ask each other for advice, share pictures of their cute dog babies, and seek encouragement about all the Pitbull Prejudice in the world. One of the things that’s always shared in the group are products that work for pitties who are prone to allergies. I wanted to share a few products I use with Serena in hopes they may work for other Pitties out there.

  1. Aqualuk Dog Food by  Annamaet  Something I learned about Pitbulls is that
    Aqualuk Dog food
    Aqualuk Dog food by Annamaet

    they are very prone to ear infections & skin & food allergies. I tried several foods with Serena and found the best to be Aqualuk formula by Annamaet. I’m not going to lie, it’s not cheap. But Serena hasn’t gotten one ear infection since she’s been on it. Her coat is super shiny and she scarfs it down. I’ve found this food a little cheaper on

  2. Best Bully Sticks  These Bully Sticks are an
    best bully sticks
    Best Bully Sticks

    amazing treat for Serena! She finds them super tasty and they keep her teeth free of tarter. They also keep her distracted when I leave the house since she still has some separation anxiety.

  3. Kong Classic Toy This Kong classic toy is amazing! It’s another wat to keep her busy when I leave for the day. I usually put some peanut butter or string cheese inside for Serena.

    Kong Brand Chew Toy
  4. Kong Squeaky Tennis Ball It took Serena a LONG time to learn how to play. When she did learn how to play, I found she loved these squeaky tennis balls made by Kong. She goes to town on these suckers and will play independently for awhile with one of these balls. She also loves any squeaky stuffed animal. 😳 They make a ton of noise, but if she’s happy playing with them I’ll
    put up with the noise. I find most of these toys on Amazon, Home Goods or TJ Maxx.
  5. OxyMed Oatmeal Shampoo I found out pretty quickly that I had to not only watch the type of food Serena was eating, but also watch out for what I was using to clean her with. I found this oatmeal shampoo that does wonders for her coat and isn’t full of chemicals.
    oxymed dog shampoo
    Tropiclean OxyMed Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo with oatmeal, aloe vera and coconut water

    6. Thunder shirt anxiety vest Serena has a fair amount of anxiety because of the trauma she went through. I was recommended by a dog trainer to try using one of theses Thunder shirts. These shirts are designed to give a dog the same feeling as babies get when they’re swaddled. The jury’s still out on its effectiveness, but I do think it gives her a little extra comfort when she needs it.serena 2

I should state that I’m not being sponsored for this post. I’m simply sharing these products in hopes they can help another dog owner the way they have helped me with Serena.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Interesting products. The Thunder shirt reminds me of a Facebook post by my friend Jamie of some “weighted blankets” made for people with anxieties.


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