Nikko + Serena Forever

When I decided to adopt a dog, I knew I needed a dog who was kid and dog friendly. I’m an auntie to 4 amazing kiddos and my parents have an amazing German Short-Hair Pointer named Nikko. My new dog HAD to get along with Nikko and the Hart Kids. Well, I got lucky because Serena has loved Nikko from day 1 (even when he wasn’t as sure about her ha ha). And she loves my nieces and nephews, especially my oldest nephew Cade. Well, Nikko & Serena have become quite the odd couple. Farm dogsNikko is tall, 8 years old, and pretty much a grumpy old man dog. Serena is short, 4 years old, and prances around like a little princess dog. Nikko often steals Serena’s toys and Serena steals Nikko’s blankie. Did I mention Nikko & Serena are spoiled dogs? They have become such good buddies that they now act like brother and sister. They snuggle together on the couch and try and see who can be the center of attention when people are around. When I decided to move to Minnesota, my dad offered to help me move my belongings in his truck and trailer. The dogs became the sidekicks on my Dad and I’s epic road trip. And by epic, I mean we made it from California to Minnesota in 3 days. Well, basically 2 1/2 days, but who’s counting. The 4 of us spent many hours in the car together as well as time on the farm. Here’s a fun album of my dad and I’s time together with Nikko & Serena.

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