The Roller Coaster Ride of Real Estate

On Saturday, August 25th, I accepted an offer to buy my condo. Today (August 30th), the buyers backed out of the purchase. Needless to say I’m sad, disappointed, and want to cry.  Real Estate is a giant Roller Coaster Ride. Sometimes it means saying to yourself full thunder mountain railroad quote“Hang on to your hats and glasses kids, ‘cuz this here’s the wildest ride in the wilderness!” (Thank you Thunder Mountain Railroad @ Disneyland for that apropos message).

So….what now? Well I’ll tell you. I’m going to write (hence this blog post) because it helps me let go of the emotions & stress I feel in the moment. I’m going to move forward with my move to Minnesota.  I’m going to remember that God called me forward towards this journey because he wants me to practice being brave and courageous. Just because things are hard, doesn’t mean he’s forgotten me. Challenges and roadblocks refine our rough edges. They make us stronger and more capable to handle life in real time.

As some people know, I am a Christian and I take my faith very seriously. In sharing this, my intention is not to be preachy & obnoxious. I want to be up front with my readers that there will be times where my writing will include lessons God is teaching me. I can’t detach my life from God or my belief in Him because he is my lifeblood. I share this in this post because of what God is teaching me in the midst of the selling of my condo. One lesson he is teaching me and helping me practice is learning to trust in his daily provision. I think about the stories in the Old Testament of the Bible where He provided a food called Mana for the Israelites. In Exodus chapter 16, when the Israelites were lost in the desert without food, God provides them with this bread-like food called Mana. Every morning, the Israelites woke up to find enough Mana to last them for that one day. The next day he did the same thing, provide exactly what they needed to survive and thrive for that one day. In doing this, he taught the Israelites to rely on his strength. His reservoir of strength is always bigger than our human reservoir. Man is this also true for me right now. God knows I like to plan my life 60 steps forward. Then I get too lost in the end game to live my life in the here and now. So, right now, he is providing me just what I need for today. I’m learning to live one day at a time and not rush the process. This is a journey and a marathon, not a wind sprint. Each day, as I receive my sustenance from God, I pray that God would help me re-focus on Him. Because in Him is my portion, my strength, and my courage to move forward in this journey to Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “The Roller Coaster Ride of Real Estate

  1. Well said Becca!! It’s obvious that God’s chosen buyer for you condo has not yet been revealed. My prayer would be that the perfect person (family) that He has appointed to reside in your place would be made known in His perfect timing!!

    This is His journey as much as it is yours!!

    Journey on Sister! Journey on!!!


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