Practicing Self Care

Today is Day 11 of my condo being on the market in Pleasanton. This means that over the past 3 weeks I’ve:

  1. Packed up my entire condoThe Importance of Self Care
  2. Moved My belongings & my dog to my parents house and
  3. painted, fixed up, & staged my condo for sale

In the midst of all of this, I’ll admit to have several breaking points. Moments where I felt so stressed all I did was watch TV, eat or snuggle my dog.

What I haven’t been as good about is practicing self-care. I’ve had my shining moments where I’ve used my writing or meditation as a pressure release valve for my stress. I’ve also had moments where I decided an ice cream sundae would do the trick. As someone who has battled obesity for most of my life, I realize that ice cream sundaes can’t be my default. Because when they do become my default, my weight goes up, and I feel uncomfortable in my skin. Last Saturday, my amazing Weight Watcher Leader Louise asked me what I needed. All I knew to answer was “I Need Help.” Which I think was the perfect answer. The best part about having people to help remind you to practice self care, is that when you don’t know how to begin again in practicing self-care, they can say “Let me help you create a plan.” I didn’t know how much I needed to hear those words. My moment of vulnerability enabled me to ask for and receive help. And having that help means I’m going to be successful at getting back on track to practicing self-care and living the healthiest version of myself.

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